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The Damn & Blast pairs a simple but exceptionally toneful optical compressor with an extremely flexible single-transistor boost.

Often the difference between mediocre and incredible tone is simply sustain. The Damn & Blast uses optical compression to bring excellent sustain without drastically reducing the dynamic range like Ross-type compression can. Often people's first experience with compression is a little box that sucks all the tone and feel out of their playing, squishing and pumping horrifically, totally missing out on how much of a tonal improvement subtle compression can be. The Damn & Blast brings sweet compression to your pedalboard, bringing fatness, polish, and cohesion to your tone.

The Rangemaster derived silicon boost brings extra harmonic complexity, and shapes your sound to your liking through the bass trimming Colour control.

This has been designed to be a premium utility device, a swiss-army knife of tonal control to improve your sound in any setting.

True bypass, +9VDC

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